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HTML5 Fullscreen API

You have always been able to view a whole webpage in full screen mode. To do so, you can press F11 key in Windows, while in OS X you can hit Shift + Command + F. However, there are times when we... [ Continue Reading... ]


Import Excel File Data in MySQL Database using PHP

In this tutorial we will learn how to “Import Excel Sheet Data in MySQL Database using PHP. When we develop some database linked website where we have to enter data in database, sometime we have to upload bulk data in database. If we insert data... [ Continue Reading... ]


Export MySQL Table Data into Excel Sheet Format in PHP

We often need to generate reports in excel sheet, but sometime we have our data stored in MySQL database. It is quiet easy to fetch records from MySQL and export the result in .csv file or .xls file and let user to force download it. We... [ Continue Reading... ]


How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page

In this tutorial we are going to learn that “How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page“. In WordPress you can customize everything but here we are going to take a look at WordPress built-in login page. Here is what... [ Continue Reading... ]